Town Address Type Size
Edinburgh Belford House Office 13,953 sq ft 4 properties

Available properties in Belford House

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Address Status Size
Level 0, Belford House To Let 192 sq ft
Level 1 East, Belford House To Let 3,391 sq ft
Level 4, Belford House To Let 3,406 sq ft
Level 5, Belford House To Let 3,406 sq ft
Edinburgh Eagle Building, 19 Rose Street, Edinburgh Office 3,634 sq ft
Edinburgh Verdant, South Gyle Office 66,165 sq ft
Edinburgh Unit 4, Lister Square Office 3,234 sq ft
Edinburgh The Capital Building Office 1,002 sq ft
Edinburgh The Auction House Office 1,605 sq ft
Edinburgh Scotia Bank House Office 1,615 sq ft
Edinburgh Queensferry Street Lane Office N/A
Edinburgh Level 6, Quartermile One Office 9,565 sq ft
Edinburgh Hobart House, 80 Hanover Street Office 11,145 sq ft
Edinburgh Ground Floor Suite, Canal Court, 40 Craiglockhart Avenue Office 2,010 sq ft
Edinburgh Dean House Office 24,202 sq ft
Edinburgh Caledonian Exchange Office 17,754 sq ft 2 properties

Available properties in Caledonian Exchange

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Address Status Size
First Floor, Caledonian Exchange To Let 10,884 sq ft
Second Floor, Caledonian Exchange To Let 7,623 sq ft
Edinburgh 66 Hanover Street Office 1,362 sq ft
Edinburgh 3rd Floor, 27 George Street Office 1,014 sq ft
Edinburgh 2nd Floor, 7 Bakehouse Close Office 830 sq ft
Edinburgh 271 Canongate Office 4,690 sq ft
Edinburgh 10 George Street Office 69,558 sq ft
Edinburgh 1 Broadway Park Office 31,524 sq ft
Edinburgh Quay 1 Office 7,559 sq ft
Edinburgh Kittle Yards Office 65,647 sq ft 3 properties

Available properties in Kittle Yards

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Address Status Size
Block B - 2nd, Kittle Yards To Let 2,030 sq ft
Block B - 2nd, Kittle Yards To Let 780 sq ft
Block C - Ground East & West, Kittle Yards To Let 3,369 sq ft
Edinburgh Eskmills Business Park Office N/A
Livingston 3 Ashwood Court Office 3,483 sq ft
Penicuik Edinburgh Technopole Office 21,595 sq ft
Stirling Ground Floor, Argyll Court, Castle Business Park Office 5,504 sq ft