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Town Address Type Size
Aberdeen Bon Accord Shopping Centre Shopping Centre 460,000 sq ft 7 properties

Available properties in Bon Accord Shopping Centre

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Address Status Size
MSU1, Bon Accord Shopping Centre To Let 51,547 sq ft
Unit 12 B&C, Bon Accord Shopping Centre To Let 820 sq ft
Unit 22, Bon Accord Shopping Centre To Let 2,199 sq ft
Unit 29, Bon Accord Shopping Centre To Let 934 sq ft
Unit 38, Bon Accord Shopping Centre To Let 2,550 sq ft
Unit 46, Bon Accord Shopping Centre To Let 1,545 sq ft
Unit 7, Bon Accord Shopping Centre To Let 2,077 sq ft
Aberdeen Unit 2, Hutcheon Street Retail Park 4,150 sq ft
Aberdeen Portlethen Retail Park Retail Park 169,500 sq ft 1 property

Available properties in Portlethen Retail Park

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Address Status Size
Units 1, 2 & 3, Portlethen Retail Park To Let 41,000 sq ft
Aberdeen Unit 8, Trinity Centre Shopping Centre 3,277 sq ft
Airdrie Airdrie Retail Park Retail Park 104,000 sq ft 1 property

Available properties in Airdrie Retail Park

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Address Status Size
3, Airdrie Retail Park To Let 10,000 sq ft
Arbroath 3 James Chalmers Road Office N/A
Banchory Former Banchory Woollen Mill, North Deeside Road High Street 2,800 sq ft
Barrhead Kelburn Street Retail Park 12,227 sq ft
Bathgate 16 George Street High Street 1,235 sq ft
Berwick Upon Tweed Tweedbank Retail Park Retail Park 94,091 sq ft
Bonnyrigg Staiside Court High Street N/A
Braehead XSITE Braehead Leisure 374,112 sq ft 10 properties

Available properties in XSITE Braehead

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Address Status Size
Unit 1, XSITE Braehead To Let 2,459 sq ft
Unit 10, XSITE Braehead To Let 5,081 sq ft
Unit 13, XSITE Braehead To Let 4,033 sq ft
Unit 16b, XSITE Braehead To Let 3,629 sq ft
Unit 18a, XSITE Braehead To Let 1,676 sq ft
Unit 25a, XSITE Braehead To Let 3,363 sq ft
Unit 25b, XSITE Braehead To Let 3,380 sq ft
Unit 3, XSITE Braehead To Let 5,081 sq ft
Unit 26, XSITE Braehead To Let 5,027 sq ft
Unit 5, XSITE Braehead To Let 6,258 sq ft
Broxburn 16 Greendykes Road Retail Park 15,016 sq ft
Broxburn 63-67 East Main Street High Street 16,178 sq ft
Chester Coliseum Shopping Park Retail Park 210,000 sq ft 1 property

Available properties in Coliseum Shopping Park

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Address Status Size
R12A, Coliseum Shopping Park To Let 2,538 sq ft
Clydebank Clyde Retail Park Retail Park 148,867 sq ft
Dalgety Bay 9 Bay Centre High Street 1,128 sq ft
Dalkeith 7 Newmills Road Leisure 7,462 sq ft
Drumnadrochit Units 2, 3 and 4, Benleva High Street 4,000 sq ft
Dumbarton Dumbarton Road Land N/A
Dumbarton Dumbarton Harbour Retail Park Retail Park 70,000 sq ft
Dunfermline Unit 14A, Fife Leisure Park Leisure 11,000 sq ft
Edinburgh 64 Princes Street High Street 51,236 sq ft
Edinburgh 3rd Floor, 27 George Street Office 1,014 sq ft
Edinburgh 348 Morningside Road High Street 783 sq ft
Edinburgh 27 Forrest Road, Edinburgh High Street 1,681 sq ft
Edinburgh 20 Hanover Street Leisure 6,043 sq ft
Edinburgh 55 Raeburn Place High Street 708 sq ft
Edinburgh Eagle Building, 19 Rose Street Office 3,715 sq ft
Edinburgh 66 Hanover Street Office 1,362 sq ft
Edinburgh The Capital Building, 12-13 St Andrew Square Office 1,002 sq ft
Edinburgh Verdant, South Gyle Office 66,165 sq ft
Edinburgh Unit A-B 65 West Harbour Road Retail Park 9,682 sq ft
Edinburgh Unit 6 Edinburgh Quay High Street 4,060 sq ft
Edinburgh Unit 4, Lister Square Office 3,234 sq ft
Edinburgh Unit 4 Bankhead Workspace Industrial 6,135 sq ft
Edinburgh Unit 3 Raeburn Place Stadium, Stockbridge High Street 2,387 sq ft
Edinburgh Unit 2, Quartermile Leisure 1,440 sq ft
Edinburgh Unit 2, 396 Gorgie Road High Street 1,505 sq ft
Edinburgh The Auction House Office 3,278 sq ft
Edinburgh 69 North Castle Street Leisure 2,532 sq ft
Edinburgh Scotia Bank House Office 1,615 sq ft
Edinburgh Queensferry Street Lane Office N/A
Edinburgh Meadowplace Road, Edinburgh Land N/A
Edinburgh Level 6, Quartermile One, Quartermile One Office 9,565 sq ft
Edinburgh Level 1, Quartermile One, Quartermile One Office 17,466 sq ft
Edinburgh Hobart House, 80 Hanover Street Office 11,145 sq ft
Edinburgh Ground Floor Suite, Canal Court, 40 Craiglockhart Avenue Office 2,010 sq ft
Edinburgh 13 Brougham Street High Street 423 sq ft
Edinburgh Dean House Office 24,202 sq ft