St. Enoch, Glasgow, G1 4BW


St. Enoch is home to a range of successful and national and independent retailers,and is anchored by a 46,000 sq ft TJ Hughes department store. In addition to this we have had recent openings from retailers such as Sostrene Grene, and Klass Art. St Enoch’s casual dining offer is going from strength to strength with new F&B operators announced. Opening this Autumn, Wingstop has signed a 15 year lease and is set to occupy 3,175 square feet on the first floor, near the Vue cinema. Wagamama has signed a 15 year lease and will occupy a 4,435 sq ft restaurant due to open early 2024. Additionally, following a period of huge success, Starbucks has relocated to a larger 2,763 sq ft unit on the ground floor.


St Enoch sits at the junction of two of Glasgow's best loved shopping streets - Argyle Street and Buchanan Street. Only moments away are the restaurants and cafés of the Merchant City and the cultural architecture of George Square. Glasgow is the second most popular retail location in the UK after London. St Enoch is Glasgow’s premier retail and leisure location and the favoured choice for both city residents and visitors. Opportunity to be part of the prime ground floor retail in St Enoch, in close proximity to Argyle Street.

Key Points

  • 2.2 million population within 45 min drive time
  • 71 minutes average shopper dwell time
  • £73 average spend


1,292 sq ft - 4,876 sq ft - Argyle Mall Opportunities - Affordable retail parallel to Argyle Street. Prime entrance to the St Enoch Centre. High levels of footfall. Attractive brand adjacencies


830,000 sq ft (77,109 sq m)




Sovereign Centros

Car Parking


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Unit Tenant Size
0F.U10 To Let 1,406 sq ft
0F.U11 Inside Out 1,561 sq ft
0F.U12 To Let 2,010 sq ft
0F.U13 Colors 1,671 sq ft
0F.U14 Bunny & Bear 1,231 sq ft
0F.U15 To Let 2,244 sq ft
0F.U16 4,988 sq ft
0F.U18 2,764 sq ft
0F.U19 To Let 1,503 sq ft
0F.U20 650 sq ft
0F.U21 Starbucks 1,695 sq ft
0F.U22 Starbucks 1,438 sq ft
0F.U24 Jnr Station 2,056 sq ft
0F.U25 3,550 sq ft
0F.U26 Quiz 2,961 sq ft
0F.U27 The Perfume Shop 1,485 sq ft
0F.U29 Millie's Cookies 262 sq ft
0F.U3 Billies Market 1,428 sq ft
0F.U30 DAM Health UK 824 sq ft
0F.U31 Swarovski 778 sq ft
0F.U32 Warren James 972 sq ft
0F.U33- 0F.U34 Muffin Break 591 sq ft
0F.U35B No1 Currency 0 sq ft
0F.U36 Nando's 2,765 sq ft
0F.U37 1,260 sq ft
0F.U38 Costa 2,413 sq ft
0F.U39 Hotel Chocolat 754 sq ft
0F.U4 The Body Shop 1,520 sq ft
0F.U40 Rohan 1,184 sq ft
0F.U41 The Fragrance Shop 824 sq ft
0F.U42 Claire's Accessories 865 sq ft
0F.U43 Boots Opticians 0 sq ft
0F.U44 1,291 sq ft
0F.U45 Schuh 2,762 sq ft
0F.U46 H&M 32,095 sq ft
0F.U47 Pavers 2,210 sq ft
0F.U48 Ecco 1,715 sq ft
0F.U49 1,268 sq ft
0F.U5 Yankee Candle 1,398 sq ft
0F.U50 Born in Scotland 1,055 sq ft
0F.U51 Xile 2,346 sq ft
0F.U52 Moriconi 243 sq ft
0F.U53 Shearer Candles 808 sq ft
0F.U54 Inside Out 0 sq ft
0F.U55 Tartan House of Scotland 19,996 sq ft
0F.U56 Ann Summers 0 sq ft
0F.U57 8,280 sq ft
0F.U58 Phones & Gadgets 3,115 sq ft
0F.U59 Superdry 18,134 sq ft
0F.U6 H.Samuel 1,226 sq ft
0F.U60 JD Sports 16,518 sq ft
0F.U61 Barclays 8,555 sq ft
0F.U62 HMV 14,475 sq ft
0F.U63 28,840 sq ft
0F.U64 To Let 6,969 sq ft
0F.U65 Caffè Nero 9,494 sq ft
0F.U66 WHSmith 19,277 sq ft
0F.U67 One Beyond 0 sq ft
0F.U7 Clintons 2,361 sq ft
0F.U8 The Works 2,384 sq ft
0F.U9 1,292 sq ft
1F.U100 753 sq ft
1F.U101/06 To Let 1,538 sq ft
1F.U102 Burger King 1,414 sq ft
1F.U103 4,336 sq ft
1F.U104 Pho 79 1,075 sq ft
1F.U105 To Let 770 sq ft
1F.U107 1,948 sq ft
1F.U108 To Let 2,840 sq ft
1F.U110 Anime Republic 2,129 sq ft
1F.U111 Damaged Society 1,169 sq ft
1F.U112 Samsung 1,169 sq ft
1F.U113 265 sq ft
1F.U115 3,490 sq ft
1F.U59 Superdry 12,216 sq ft
1F.U70 McDonald's 1,431 sq ft
1F.U70A Bamboo Sushi 410 sq ft
1F.U71 DiMaggios 836 sq ft
1F.U72 Subway 683 sq ft
1F.U73 Wongs 596 sq ft
1F.U74 Greggs 782 sq ft
1F.U75 KFC 1,579 sq ft
1F.U76 To Let 2,586 sq ft
1F.U77 Optical Express 1,089 sq ft
1F.U78 Aulds Café 1,025 sq ft
1F.U79 Trespass 1,852 sq ft
1F.U80 3,133 sq ft
1F.U81 Regis Salons 1,057 sq ft
1F.U82 1,152 sq ft
1F.U83 1,258 sq ft
1F.U91 To Let 3,428 sq ft
1F.U94 Boom Battle Bar 0 sq ft
1F.U95 1,879 sq ft
1F.U96 USA Nails 1,726 sq ft
1F.U98 MooBoo 421 sq ft
1F.U99 RBS ATM 255 sq ft
2F.U119 Hamleys 25,699 sq ft
GO / R1 TJ Hughes 36,516 sq ft
OF.U68 Card Factory 0 sq ft
R1 To Let 2,964 sq ft
R2 Wagamama (Coming Soon) 2,110 sq ft
R3 Wagamama (Coming Soon) 2,160 sq ft
R4 Cosmo Restaurants 9,400 sq ft
R5 Wingstop 3,235 sq ft
R6 Donut King 727 sq ft
R7 Nando's 3,890 sq ft
R8 Delhi Darbar 3,018 sq ft
R9 2,862 sq ft
R9A Philly Steaks N Shakes 1,538 sq ft
R9B Delightful Desserts 1,294 sq ft
Restaurant Development To Let 100,000 sq ft
U1 Tesco 16,025 sq ft
U2 Boots 26,740 sq ft
U23 Hamleys 16,557 sq ft
U28 First Floor 0 sq ft
U46 First floor H&M 32,095 sq ft
Unit 35a iFix 193 sq ft

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